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Strengthen your Online Credibility & Brand Recognition.
Take Control of Your Brand Image!

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“Maintaining a squeaky-clean online presence should be high on your to-do list” -

Infact, not just Forbes, but many other reputed Business Magazines around the world agree that maintaining a clean & credible online image is highly important for all businesses today. However, achieving this in reality is no less than a CHALLENGE!


Is Your Business Losing Customers To Negative Search Results?

Erroneous comments and negative online reviews can badly affect your business reputation when they appear on the first page of the search engine results.

THE Solution

At eDiGi - Digital Hub, we help you take control of your search results!

We suppress negative search results by creating positive and valuable content about your brand, thereby enabling you take control of your online reputation.


What comes up when someone searches for you online? Not sure? Click the button below to fill in your details & we shall get back to you with a Detailed Assessment of your Online Reputation.


We have a team of experienced writers and search engine optimization experts that collectively works to improve and protect your personal and your brand’s reputation. Additionally, all our campaigns are designed to give you better visibility on the Internet.

Whether you have negative reviews, misleading comments or undesirable words in search query autocomplete suggestions, we can help by utilizing one or more of the following as a part of our ORM campaigns:

Online Brand Audit

Identifying unfavorable search results of your brand and prioritizing restoration actions accordingly.

Social Network Analysis

Analyzing social media conversations about your brand and converting the negatives into positive.

Content Development & Promotion

Writing and publishing positive content about your brand on high authority sites and blogs.

Online Reviews and Forums

Obtaining positive customer reviews on relevant sites and forums, and suppressing negative results.

Search Engine Optimization

Promoting positive content for your brand onto the first page of Google and other search engines.

Social Media Participation

Addressing concerns of your audience on social media channels and building trust among users.

Want a clean Online Reputation?

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In the digital world of cutthroat competition building online reputation is almost like winning a marathon which demands time, patience and determination. You try to fast track the online reputation management process and may end up with harmful negative business/brand publicity that takes years to rectify. This is why companies are settling for cost effective ORM outsourcing options to enjoy professional reputation management services at cheap rates.
When it comes to choosing an ORM outsourcing destination, major European countries like the United States, UK, Canada, Australia, etc. prefer India for several reasons. Companies abroad outsource their projects to top offshore SEO and internet marketing firms in India, and benefit from comprehensive and affordable online reputation management solutions that cover the entire process of content creation and monitoring of personal, professional & social content. The major benefit of working with one of the best SEO agency is that such agencies employ skillful social media consultants only to work on outsourced ORM projects. With in-depth knowledge about managing multiple promotional tools they know how to restore positive contents by removing the negativity, and competitiveness out of it.
eDiGi - Digital Hub, an offshore SEO and online reputation management company in India, manages each ORM campaign via a separate & individual, social media profile managers, so that every project gets same attention. We create a welcoming environment for the business/brand promotion with positive reviews, informative content, and constant user engagement. Our result-oriented online reputation management packages may not be cheap or the cheapest but are easily affordable by all types of businesses and definitely provide good value for money.

Why ORM is not Optional but MANDATORY?

The following industry statistics will help you understand why online reputation management is essential for your business.

85% of consumers use the
Internet for research before
making a purchasing decision

87% of people believe the CEO’s
reputation is an important part
of a company’s reputation

88% of consumers trust online
reviews and make decisions
based on that.

83% of companies will be at a risk
of falling prey to negative
publicity and scams.

Is Your Business Easily Found Online?

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Find out what our Customers say about Our Services

The major factors that lead me straight into the path of eDiGi - Digital Hub India were their own Google ranking and the competitive price they were offering. To top it off , their process was very good and efficient with prompt service and I’m getting good rankings in Google for my site. The team is very professional and have an excellent skillset. Overall, the quality of service and the cost was very good and if I were to recommend their service to anyone, I would describe them to expect excellent service.

- Vaibhav Thete,

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